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The play of light and shadow which gives an extraordinary variety to these unique landscapes, the charm of clear blue skies in which the peaks of the splendid mountain tops stand out, the pure silences, interrupted only by the sweet calls of the animals that reign supreme in this natural habitat.  
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Winter 2012/2013: Transfer Orio Al Serio and Malpensa – Alta Valtellina
From December 1st to April 21th.
In Alta Valtellina comes the treasure hunt with GPS
Alta Valtellina is the kingdom of Geocaching, a thrilling activity that merges the classic logic of a treasure hunt with the modern technology offered by portable GPS units...
Routes of the Alta Valtellina mapped with the GPS
Alta Rezia. It is an area that offers 2400 kilometres of routes that stretches from Livigno to Bormio, St.Moritz, Pontresina and Aprica...