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The casting of light and shadows making the landscape varied and unusual, the charming of clean skies outlining the peaks of wonderful mountains, unmistakable silences, broken by the sweet calls of animals, ruling sovereign in this environment.  
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AltaValtellina trails and GPS system
Alta Valtellina and his surrounding mountains offer a unique variety of trails for cross country tours. To explore the numerous trails and tour options, a new online-based GPS information and planning tool is now available...
In Alta Valtellina comes the treasure hunt with GPS
Alta Valtellina is the kingdom of Geocaching, a thrilling activity that merges the classic logic of a treasure hunt with the modern technology offered by portable GPS units...
The alpine lakes
Jewels fallen from the sky, eyes of the mountains, oasis of the heights, the alpine lakes have always been depicted using images of absolute quietness and untouched spaces...
Natural Beauties
Alta Valtellina is a synonymous of nature, of a pristine environment, of an oasis of peace where it is still possible plunge into the life of the Earth and feel its heartbeat pulsate, listen to its silence, lose yourself into its scents and be dazzled by its intense colours...