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Tastes that survive

  After a day spent in the open, why not grant yourself a supper based of local deliciousness? A true delight for the palate are the pizzoccheri, the sciatt, the polenta with game or mushrooms, the bresaola, the local cheeses. An exquisite mountain of dishes, ancient and coiling tastes without equal, a generous and genuine kitchen to that will be then difficult to forget.  
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Wines and liquors of Valtellina
Want to excite your good taste? A piece of advice: accompany your meal with one of the strong Valtellina red wines, that aquire a special aroma from the cellers of the high valley...
The genuine taste
Alta Valtellina knew to preserve the intense tastes and soul of simple cooking, today the genuine taste is still there. The gastronomic tradition offers between the first courses the well known pizzoccheri, Buck wheat noodles of grain with vegetables, melted butter and Casera cheese...
Cheeses like time
Alta Valtellina, for its richness of pastures has always devoted land to the breeding of beasts. This tradition itself is still preserved in the village dairies, that produce Casera and Scimundin.