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Surviving values

Alta Valtellina is a land rich of historical vestiges and you can live it as an extraordinary artistic and cultural adventure by visiting its beautiful old town centres, the country houses and the archaeological settlements, the towers, the churches and the castles, signs of passed times that have maintained their charme during these years.
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Castle and aristocratic arch. (16)
Churces (64)
Country architecture (48)
Folklore/local tradition (0)
Fresco (28)
Industrial archaeology (6)
Libraries (6)
Museums (3)
Palaces/Buildings (1)
Rupestrian inscriptions (2)
Sanatorium Sondalo (0)
Street furniture elements (10)
Tourism (0)
World War (0)
...among Churches and Palaces
Churchtowers, churches, chapels, districts, small villages, towers, palaces everywhere. This is the Alta Valtellina you have to find out! It is an area rich in art and culture, and this is the sign of its hard past, characterised by historical and religious conflicts...
The memory of the past
The vestiges of history and culture in Alta Valtellina are not only in the monuments, but you can find them also in the fairs and exhibitions that keep alive the memory of passed times...
The wonderful land and its bell towers
People coming to Alta Valtellina for the first time are astonished by the number of impressive bell towers that can be seen standing out on hillsides or dominating rooftops that are dotted throughout the mountains...
The past, a great value
Tower and castles, churches, aristocratic residences, forts, country houses, ancient factories, stone portals,wooden main doors and some frescoes...